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Welcome to FocusMinder

Navigating the workday can be mentally exhausting - endless meetings, looming deadlines, and frustrating encounters with co-workers or clients.

FocusMinder logo FocusMinder's audio recordings help clear your mind of distractions so you are more productive and experience less stress.

They’re short and to the point (many under 3 minutes) and designed to be used on the go during your workday.


FocusMinder logo FocusMinder was created by a formerly stressed out Ph.D. economist who is also a certified yoga teacher (read about her). Every technique is real world tested to get you back to work quickly.

Situational Techniques

address common workplace scenarios like mustering confidence to give a presentation or letting go of a disagreement.

Breathing Techniques

offer a variety of breathing practices to help you calm down, release tension, balance your mental state, and release fear.

Relaxation Techniques

guide you through visualizations proven to help relax the body and mind - great for transitions from work to home or before bed.

Awareness Techniques

help you tune into the present moment and introduce you to everyday mindfulness in your emotions and thoughts.

Listen Now

  • Need to calm down and refocus after receiving some unexpected news?
  • Obsessing over something you said in a meeting and wish you could take back?
  • Can’t sleep because your mind is racing from the day?
  • Want to approach a difficult conversation with composure?

Eight popular recordings are available for free. Browse the catalog below.

  • before a stressful interaction (2m 02s)
  • when there is too much to do (1m 16s)
  • [app only] preparing for a commute
  • [app only] starting your workday
  • [app only] before checking your email
  • [app only] before a meeting
  • [app only] transitioning between meetings
  • [app only] to get in the zone to write
  • [app only] before giving a presentation (or speaking up in a meeting)
  • [app only] when you need some guidance
  • [app only] before meeting with authority figures
  • [app only] before a boundary-setting conversation
  • [app only] before delivering bad news
  • [app only] when faced with something unexpected and urgent
  • [app only] when you keep replaying something in your head
  • [app only] when you wish you could take back something you said
  • [app only] when you feel judged
  • [app only] letting go of a disagreement
  • [app only] feeling unheard or overlooked
  • [app only] when you feel impatient
  • [app only] dealing with others' shortcomings or mistakes
  • [app only] after you make a mistake
  • [app only] when you’re about to have a meltdown
  • [app only] ending your workday
  • when you are worked up or agitated (2m 44s)
  • to balance your mental state (2m 11s)
  • [app only] all-purpose #1
  • [app only] all-purpose #2
  • [app only] all-purpose #3
  • [app only] all-purpose #4
  • [app only] to start the day
  • [app only] to clear your head
  • [app only] to hear the calm of the ocean
  • [app only] to summon courage
  • [app only] to tune out the world
  • [app only] when you are restless
  • [app only] to release anger and frustration
  • [app only] to release fear
  • [app only] to release tension #1
  • [app only] to release tension #2
  • focus: head (2m 08s)
  • full body: light (2m 51s)
  • [app only] full body: colors
  • [app only] full body: waves
  • [app only] full body: head to toes
  • [app only] full body: toes to head
  • [app only] focus: arms
  • [app only] clouds
  • [app only] preparing to take a nap
  • [app only] preparing to go to bed
  • [app only] falling back asleep
  • [app only] dealing with insomnia
  • physical sensation of emotions (2m 46s)
  • images present when you close your eyes (2m 31s)
  • [app only] sensations you experience on your body
  • [app only] sounds that you hear
  • [app only] experiencing an emotion
  • [app only] thoughts and mental conversations you have
  • [app only] things you see with your eyes open
  • [app only] 1 minute awareness meditation practice
  • [app only] 2 minute awareness meditation practice
  • [app only] 3 minute awareness meditation practice


Download and read the free Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness & Meditation for an introduction to the practice and some FAQs.

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