FocusMinder Has Been Retired

After five great years, it was time to retire the FocusMinder app in fall 2022.

The app was removed from the app stores in fall 2022.

The recordings are now hosted on Insight Timer. Get a free account and listen to the recordings there.

Refocus and stay calm with quick, guided meditations from FocusMinder.

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Mini Meditations for Your Workday

FocusMinder was created by a formerly stressed-out Ph.D. economist who just happens to be a certified yoga teacher (read about her).
Every technique is real world tested to get you back on task quickly.

Situational Techniques

address common workplace scenarios like mustering confidence to give a presentation or letting go of a disagreement.

Breathing Techniques

offer a variety of breathing practices to help you calm down, release tension, balance your mental state, and release fear.

Relaxation Techniques

guide you through visualizations proven to help relax the body and mind - great for transitions from work to home or before bed.

Awareness Techniques

help you tune into the present moment and introduce you to everyday mindfulness in your emotions and thoughts.

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